For me and millions of people across the globe, "the pandemic" is not something I can just move on from, as much as I wish I could. Many of us suffered deeply, not just from COVID related deaths, but from serious mental hardships. Way too many people took their own lives, overdosed or died alone.  If you made it out alive and so did all of your family members, take a moment to give thanks. Eventually, I'll be brave enough to go into detail of what it was like to live during the pandemic and lose my father at the same time, but not just yet. 


That being said, I wanted to take time to share the more uplifting part of my story. The part of the story where I forced myself to come out on other side and step up as the CEO and Chair of Homes for Veterans.

After experiencing such a devastating tragedy, putting my heart and soul into philanthropy was such a blessing. Everything in the world felt so dark, but being able to do good and really change lives for the better made some of the light come back. 

Preserving my dad's legacy while serving our veterans is my true purpose. If you too had any kind of suffering due to this virus, I can tell you, my heart is with you. I can also tell you that even though it's so cliche, spreading love and kindness really is the best medicine. I invite you to take this journey with me and check out the things I'm doing at Homes for Veterans.



My dad founded Homes for Veterans with the intention to fill in the cracks where other organizations and government programs fall a bit short. For example, if a veteran has a injury that is not "service connected"  many other organizations will not help. Homes for Veterans will, at no cost to the veteran. 

I was furloughed from my 9-5 during the summer and I worked every day to learn all that I could about running a non profit.

I launched our new COVID Care Package Program so we could service Veteran care facilities.

In August, I decided to start only outdoor projects. I was anxious to get moving on projects and we were getting overloaded with requests. We completed a couple of roofing projects and by November we completed several bathroom projects.  

Looking Ahead

I see great things for the future of Homes for Veterans. Eventually, I would like to expand our programming to help homeless veterans as well. 

In addition to my work with HFV, I will continue my philanthropic endeavors through other organizations. I have worked with BlueLivesMatter Org, Fire and Drums, Catholic Charities, Stop the Demand Project, Boy Scouts of America, Cards in Kindness and other organizations that make the world a better place. 

If you are interested in working together, please feel free to reach out on my contact page. 

To donate to Homes for Veterans please visit: